About Me

I am a software engineer with experience in web applications, game development, and scalable systems. I use tools such as Unity, .NET, OpenGL, network sockets, and SQL for some of my major projects. My most proficient programming languages are C#, C++, and Java.

Education: Computer Engineer at Hofstra University



I have experience with C#, C++, Java, SQL, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, Python, AutoHotkey, SourcePawn, and Lua.

Level Design

Level design has been a hobby of mine for many years now. I started out using Valve Hammer Editor in 2008 and more recently I have been using other editors such as Unity, Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor, and GtkRadiant.


Turbo Force (In Development)

Turbo Force is a futuristic racing game with an advanced track editor created with Unity engine. The track editor allows users to create and manipulate tracks with B├ęzier curves. The game also features high speed, intense gameplay similar to games of the F-Zero franchise.

Blitzkrieg Assault (Download)

This is a map created with Starcraft 2's Galaxy Editor. The objective of this map is to create unit spawning buildings to defeat hoards of enemy units. There are also player controlled heroes and challenging boss fights. This map received much popularity after I created a promotional video and featured it on the website, SC2Mapster.

Eternal (Download)

Eternal is a map created with Hammer for Counter-Strike: Source. It uses a unique gamemode called "surf" where players slide on ramps until they reach the end of a course. Much care was taken in balancing the layout of the map to create a solid experience for players. I have also invested a lot of time detailing the map to create an interesting and unique fantasy theme.